Sugalight Allulose - Natural Low Calorie Sugar- 1kg (Halal)

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Allulose (阿洛酮糖) is a low calorie, natural sugar that is found in some plants -  including wheat, figs and raisins.

Although it is classified as a sugar, Allulose has only 10% of the calories of normal sugar (0.4kCal/g) and a GI (Glycemic Index) of almost zero! This makes Allulose a diabetic-friendly alternative to sugar.

  • Taste - It tastes like sugar with no bitter aftertaste.
  • Sweetness - 70% sweetness of table sugar
  • Uses - Sweetening drinks, baking, making desserts

Allulose is promoted as a healthier sweetener by HPB Singapore

Sugalight Allulose is Halal Certified by MUIS.


Ingredients: 100% Allulose Powder. Non-GMO.


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