Sugalight Cooler Bag for Ice Cream

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Keep your Sugalight ice cream insulated with a custom made cooler bag for ice cream.

Each cooler bag holds up to 5 ice cream pint tubs or 12 cups (100ml). Able to keep ice cream cold for about an hour.


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Foam Box with Dry Ice (Lasts 5 hours or more) U.P. $25


Keep your ice cream cool for longer in this styrofoam ice cream box complete with dry ice. The styrofoam ice cream box is reusable.

Holds up to 100 ice cream cups (100ml). Ice cream is sold seperately.

  • This item will be provided free should your order contain 60 or more 100ml ice cream cups
  • This item will be discounted by $10.0 should your order contain any ice cream products